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Provisional Program


Amanda Behm (University of York), "Petrified Pasts and Unbounded Futures: Migration and the Breakup of the British World, c.1870-1914"

Ryan Hanley (University of Oxford), "Olaudah Equiano and the ‘Representative’ Black Experience"

Lucy Kaufman (University of Oxford), "Bonding the Strangers: Mass Immigration in East Anglia, 1560-1600"

Allan Kennedy (University of Manchester), "A Land of Opportunity? Scottish Migration to England, 1603-c.1760"

Anne Kershen (Queen Mary University of London), "Calvinism, Judaism and Islam – Integration, Anglicisation and Separation:  Three Hundred and Sixty Years of Immigrant Religion in the East End of London"

Bart Lambert (University of York), "The State and the Immigrant: Negotiating Nationalities in Later Medieval England"

Sumita Mukherjee (University of Bristol), "Indian Migration to Britain and the Education of Migrants in the Imperial Era"

Panikos Panayi (De Montfort University), "Elites, Shopkeepers and Paupers in Nineteenth Century London: The Imperial Capital as a Migrant Magnet"

Naomi Tadmor (Lancaster University), "Migration and the Settlement of the Poor"

NB: Speakers and titles may change.

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